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Build your own remote Dev Team in Ukraine

We do Recruiting, HR, and Payroll for your remote Team

And we provide them with a homy Office to work from

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Go interactive recruits your dev team and as soon as they are signed on, we take care of all the logistics, admin, and HR daily matters. We manage payroll and benefits, office, equipment, off-site events, business trips, and keep the office kitchen welcoming with tasty little things and drinks. Go interactive also handles all the red-tape paperwork and legal affairs over the entire business relations. Go interactive loads off your mind insomuch that you may focus on building your company.
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dedicated remote team in Ukraine
we recruit professionals for your team
we recruit professionals for your team
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Why Go Interactive

What makes us different

  • An efficient Employee Retention Program is our superpower
  • All-time Progress Tracking and your complete control over a remote team.
  • Support from HR, Recruitment, Administration, Information Security, Legal, IT departments.
  • Payroll Management Services for your team in Ukraine.
remote Dev team in Ukraine
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What value our clients set upon our partnership

We are extremely satisfied with the great scope of work ‘Go Interactive’ has done in recruiting a large team of super-talented developers for us and setting up our office in Kyiv, Ukraine. They go the extra mile in everything they do, cultivate very high professional standards, and have proven to be a very reliable business partner.
Jeremy achin, CEO and Co-Founder of DataRobot
Jeremy Achin
CEO and Co-Founder of DataRobot - Boston, Massachusetts, US.
We started our partnership with Go Interactive at a time when we needed to rapidly scale up our development team to meet the growing demand. They provided us with a very high level of service. We received the capacity to hire highly qualified candidates and quickly succeeded in building a strong dedicated team in Kyiv.
Phil Woodward, Steer73
Phil Woodward
Managing Director at Steer73 - London, UK
We have been working with ‘Go Interactive’ in the course of the latter few years. They have become an integral part of our team. After numerous unpleasant issues with some other companies, we made the switch to the partnership with ‘Go interactive’ and since then it has been a great business relationship and still is. They are the first to fulfill our business ideas.
Chris Myer, CEO at Myer Hospitality, Branson, Missouri, US.
Chris Myer
CEO at Myer Hospitality - Branson, Missouri, US.